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Materials Supplier

Suppling a range of high quality structural and architectural materials.

Structural Installation

Large workforce of
skilled and experienced
crews delivering
consistent, quality work
at scale.

Architectural Coatings

Aesthetic finishes and

A One-Stop-Shop
Service Provider

Optimised for the creators of:

  • Residential developments
  • Lifestyle villages
  • Commercial Properties
  • Bespoke homes



Facades, Interior,
Boundary & Fences

Clean and handsome walling systems
with significant advantages over
traditional bricks.

A one-stop-shop service with great
craftsmanship with accountability for


AAC Flooring Systems

Lightweight flooring with excellent
sound-proofing, thermal and
fire-protection properties.

Ideal for multi-story residential and
commercial buildings with floor-spans up
to 5.85 meters.


Sound Insulation &
Fire Protection

Sound-dampening solutions for cinemas,
multi-unit dwellings, perimeters and

Fire protection safety-zones and
properties with elevated needs such as in
bushfire zones.

A progressive,
tech-enabled service

We embrace modern technology to increase our agility, improve efficiency and strengthen QA / OH&S practices.

  • Automated supply chains for stock-on-hand reliability
  • Digital dashboards for project tracking and reporting
  • API-enabled automated quoting (optional)
  • Options for paperless bookings, PO’s, invoicing and admin

South East Queensland's
leading one-stop-shop

AAC service provider
for major builders.

30+ years working with many of the
leading builders and developers.

Reduce rectification work

We take pride in our work,
conduct digitally-supported QA
checks and are accountable
for results.

Simplify scheduling

We have the scale to get skilled
crews to sites at short notice. We
use digital crew rostering and
job-tracking dashboards.

Increase efficiency

Replace four procedures with
a single order (no bricks, no
brickies, no lintels, rendering

Reduce waste

Our optional Pre-Cut Service -
trim panels to plan off-site in
advance. Helps keep sites clean
and cuts waste-removal costs.

Work safe

Our crews use
digitally-supported OH&S
procedures and incident
reporting. AAC pre-cut services
reduce dust hazards.

Go paperless

Numerous ways to increase
operational efficiency - select
the options that meet your

Scale, resources,
peace of mind.

As one of the leading walling-system installers in Queensland, Maaken is a reassuringly large, strong and stable business.

  • Financially secure with dependable net assets
  • Bigger team, greater flexibility, more responsiveness
  • Maaken can keep up with the work on major projects

Trade & DIY Over-
The-Counter Sales

16 Runway Drive,
Marcoola, Queensland, 4564

The Maaken Sales Centre stocks a wide
range of AAC products and accessories for
over-the-counter sales. Chat with our
friendly and knowledgeable team.

Open Monday – Friday 7am - 4pm
Cash or credit cards

Supply Contracts

Complement your national supply chains
locally. Ideal for small and mid-sized
Queensland resellers looking for a
professional, responsive and attentive
regional stockist.

  • Options for automated and paperless ordering/invoicing.
  • Excellent stock-on-hand reliability
  • Fast delivery of special-order items.

AAC Panel &
Accessory Sales

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